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Thread: What Every Newbie Should Know

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodchip View Post
    I just rercieved a new machine 9 (C version), and the owners manuel wasn't there. I tried to use the manuel on the comp. but for some reason it only has a few pages. My question is do I check the head pressure the same as the older machines and what should the pressure be?
    Hi Don,

    The machine manual is about 40-ish pages - don't know if you got that in the box, or not. The software manual is over 200 pages, and will not be in the box. Both can be downloaded at the following links...

    CarveWright Version C Manual (PDF)

    CarveWright Software Manual (PDF)

    As far as head pressure, you can download the following:

    Head Pressure - Leveling the Head (PDF)

    Head Pressure - Checking & Adjusting the Head Pressure (PDF)

    Hope that helps. Holler if you need anything else, or have questions.
    Michael T
    Happy Carving!

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodchip View Post
    I just rercieved a new machine 9 (C version), and the owners manuel wasn't there. I tried to use the manuel on the comp. but for some reason it only has a few pages. My question is do I check the head pressure the same as the older machines and what should the pressure be?

    The checking of the head pressure is the same for all the machines 75-85 lbs.

    Click on the documents link in my signature and it will take you to the down load for the owners manual..
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    Thanks all... don't know why the manuel wouldn't come up the first time!!

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    Great suggestions all. I'm rather struck by the emphasis on "Read Manual". You'd think that that would pretty much go without saying huh? I guess not. Sort of the digital equivalent of measure once, cut twice..."damn...still too short!"

    I was never a fan of Harbor Fright's Red Chinese Q.C. Follow the adage, "If your life or livelihood depend on it, don't buy it there". I must say though that my neighbor has one of their IR hand held thermometers and the thing is amazingly accurate and capable for the price. Ah well, there was a time when Japanese cars and electronics were considered a joke...remember?

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    Right from the first post, "Preventative Maintenance". What is the best resource available for this? I can recall reading the manual (once, a while back) and being overwhelmed, so if I need to revisit it, I'd appreciate the input. My machine needs some love, I would say, as I would personally LOVE to make it look super-clean, and keep it that way. That being said, I know there's a lot of MDF (the devil!) dust in the works that likes to turn to gum at the most inopportune moment, usually when I switch bits for the LAST DARNED CARVE!

    If it's simpler than reading the manual (which, I'll admit, isn't my strong suit, as I am a guy - lol) and someone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. (i.e. What do I use to lubricate the gears, if at all, and what other parts need my attention, and how often.)

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    Keep the manual near to your heart .Please don't be afraid to ask your question , no matter how how dumb it may sound. The forum is a very useful tool.

    Now have good time .Enjoy.

    Capt Barry

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    Default Finding Free patterns and MPCs on the forum

    Originally Posted by lynnfrwd
    Bud are you the one that has that link to all of the files?


    As you remember, in January of 2011 you began to build specific categories for Pattern sharing in order to help folks better use the current system.
    You place a "Please Read" notice (suggestion List) on the Pattern Sharing area to help people better name and select the thread, within the section in which to post their attachments.
    Here is the link to that Thread:

    Hear is the link to this entire section:

    Here is the link to the original Pattern Sharing thread, which which has thousands of attachments. The main problem, and the reason you built the new threads, is/was that lots of folks did not use very good naming conventions for their attachments. This attachment link, like all the others, can be searched (using the FIND command) for specific text and if the person used that text in the file-name it will be found.

    For those that are unfamiliar with this Find command, they will find an AVI lesson titled "Search the Pattern Sharing Depot" in this link to my download access. downloads.htm
    The above, was my method until I got a Windows-7 machine.
    With the W-7 and the newer Internet Explorer the process became easier.
    You simply bring up the attachment area of a thread and if the list is long, you click on EDIT > FIND and you get an entry window in which you type the text-word you wish. You do have to out think the posting person as to the text they may have included. Just think of the various thing you might call the item you are looking for.
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    bud can you direct me to where I can find info on making your own patterns what kind of software do I need, is it really complicated I mean im not going to have to be a math genius am I lol

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    Bud has sadly passed on. You can still view his tutorials from the link in his posts. Pattern making is a wide and complicated subject. You can get advice here on the forum but you have to describe what it is you want to do.

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    I have a customer request for a Wahoo Board (board game), was wondering if anyone has any input or advice on how deep to make the depth of the holes on the board, the holes need to be deep enough and wide enough that a marble rests in the slot but doesn't fall through the slot. Any advice would be so appreciated. I'm including a photo of the board.Click image for larger version. 

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