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    Default joesow

    I still can't break loose the QC Chuck using a heat gun. I have been advised that I will have to eat the QC body to red hot in order to break loose to Loc Tite. My fear is transmitting too much to the bearings. I can baffle the heat from all surrounding parts to protect from heat but am hesitant to apply that much heat with suggested propane torch. Any good suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My QC failed in my first 2 hours of operation. I think the QC is a poor design as when I observed the parts that flew out
    they looked to be defective from day one. Hopefully CW will make a change or the aftermarket suppliers will!


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    Keep your chin up the QC is sometimes a tuff nut to crack. I changed my QC a few weeks ago. I followed the instructions with the exception of adding a 8" section of 3/4" conduit tubing on the wrench for better leverage. I used a heat gun and was able to set it so the air flow was directly on the QC nut. Use the square tool and insert it from the bottom. Hold the square wrench with a smaller diameter tube. Then grip the two extensions like a pair of plyers. Hold steady pressure while heat is applied. When the locktite heats up and releases spin the QC off the rest of the way before the locktite cools.

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    Your just not getting the chuck hot enough. Direct the heat downward toward the top of the chuck. Let the heat soak for at least 30 seconds, then rotate the chuck 1/3 the way and heat another 30 seconds, repeat. If it still wont break loose keep heating 30 seconds at a time turning in between tries. Make doubly sure that your turning the wrench the right way. If you hold the spindle in place the chuck will turn clockwise as viewed from the top. It's easy to get wrong when working on something upside down.
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    That was an interesting putting the Allen wrench up through the bottom.... Never thought of that.... I have some #4 Square Drive Bits that might be long enough. I need to grind some of the metal off to make it fit the square...

    Using the two wrenches from the bottom is a very interesting concept.....

    I also wish they had designed the spindle shaft with a nut on the end so you could use 2 wrenches to remove the QC like you do on a router.... RJustice is working on a after market fix.... Soon...



    I have one that is stuck too.... ended up replacing the Z Spindle.
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    Congratulations on successfully loosening the QC! Utilizing Ron Justice's tools and Jeff's heating advice, you were able to break it free despite the challenge of excessive thread locker. Now, you're eagerly awaiting the QC shipped from CW to resume carving, albeit dealing with phone issues stemming from Hurricane Ike. It seems Murphy's Law is fully operational! If you share my curiosity about technical solutions, I invite you to check out my latest blog post.
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    After overcoming the tight grip of the QC with the help of Ron Justice's tools and Jeff's heating advice, I'm now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the QC shipped from CW so I can get back to carving. Despite facing phone issues caused by Hurricane Ike, it seems Murphy's Law is in full swing! If you share my curiosity about technical problem-solving, I invite you to check out my latest blog post.

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    After overcoming the tight grip of the QC with the help of Ron Justice's tools and Jeff's heating advice, I'm now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the QC shipped from CW so I can get back to carving. Despite facing phone issues caused by Hurricane Ike, it seems Murphy's Law is in full swing! If you share my curiosity about technical problem-solving, I invite you to check out my latest blog post.

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    Congratulations on successfully overcoming the challenges of dealing with a stubborn QC! With the assistance of Ron Justice's tools and Jeff's heating recommendation, you were able to break it loose despite encountering excessive thread locker. Now, all that's left is to await the arrival of the QC shipped from CW so you can resume your carving work, even though you're facing phone issues caused by Hurricane Ike. It seems like Murphy's Law is definitely at play here! If you're intrigued by technical problem-solving like I am, I invite you to check out my latest blog post.
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    Default To all that replied

    Thanks fellows for your advice. I am waiting for the tools to arrive from RJustis and hopefully they will arrive tomorrow. Supposedly, CW is sending me a warranty replacement as my machine only has two hours on it before the QC flew apart. I am very disappointed as to the quality of the QC. I think CW had better make a decision to come up with a better chucking arrangement. I hope RJustis gets time to get his aftermarket Chuck on the market soon. I'm sure it will be a sell out for him. I put CW's QC in the category of a good thought but a bad move. The inner ball retainer ring of the QC broke because the spiral Grooves were too deep and there was less than .030 wall thickness holding the bit adapter in place. The Bit adapter was fretted and the Inner ring has a crystallization at the break point suggesting much flexing before it let loose. All I had left was the QC taper body left. I found all the parts except the three balls and I suspect they are orbiting around the Earth. It is a great machine but I don't have much faith in the QC ever being worth a Tinkers Damn. Come on CW, you have a great machine but it will always limp from the QC Achilles Heel if you don't come up with a better chucking arrangement. I'd be very happy to have a wrench or two to change the bit. Quick Change is a good idea but if it flies apart, who needs it. I use a Router table daily and change bits several time an a hour and I could be happy with that type of arrangement on the CW.

    I'll get off my Soap Box and once again, I thank you all for your replies. I will give you the results if I ever get the Bugger off!


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    I too have cursed the QC. It is a great idea actually. Just needs some modifications to improve its reliability. I have had QC problems since day one. Having the flat wrench that you use to change the QC with is a lifesaver. If the QC gets a little sticky or wont release the bit then with the flat wrench just give it a little turn to free it up. Also im not sure if its S.O.P from LHR but i put a dab of Liquid Wrench w/Cerflon on the collets with every use before inserting into the chuck.
    Then later i remember cursing my drill. Because the bit wouldnt stay tight and would spin in the chuck then i would try to tighten it more and the key was stripping causing me to bust my knuckles. Hmmmmmm.

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    In reference to QC , if you have any old wrenches from old raidial-arm saws or some table saws. I am speaking of the blade changing wrench. One fit the nut perfectly,you also have a long handle.

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