CW and I have a long and varied history and it is not unknown for me to be among the complainers on this site. However, fair's fair and they did a great job recently when my machine's board sensor decided to bow out. I called them, they got back to me within a business day or two, I told them my problem, they told me I needed a new one, the price was reasonable (my machine is past warranty) and the response time was nearly immediate (just the ship time from Texas to California - 4 business days). I told them that I did a long run, shut down and cleaned my machine, went back to it the next day and had nothing but board sensor failures. I didn't have to do a lot of on-phone diagnosis. I told them I used a mirror and got a 0 reading and they said the board sensor's dead. End of discussion. I received the new unit today and was very pleased to see that though identical to the old one, it is now hermetically sealed at the factory with epoxy all around - no place for dust to get in (I hope, because it'll be the devil to get out if it does). I only wish I could order one or two more as back-ups, since the board sensor SEEMS to be one of the weakest links in the chain of SPOF's (Single Points of Failure). So, a hearty thanks to CW for being responsive, straightforward and to-the-point.

Now about that .8" depth rule.... Ah well, another time for that.