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    Gee whatever happened to the days members shared patterns? I just went to the CW pattern store and there more and more makers selling patterns. I noticed some sure looked like some from the original pattern source!

    Then one has the last supper, pattern that was offered free months ago and it is cost $45.00! I went to one maker's store and WOW they are expensive! One maker's pattern looked like Corel icons, well the same ones in my book.

    I appreciate those who makes the patterns for us and sell them for a reasonable price. I just was surprised to see how many makers there are now!

    Thanks again pattern makers


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    Smile More patterns

    The patterns make the machine, The more patterns offered the better, the prices are bound to vary, but also will the diversity. I kinda figured the demo patterns would surface somewhere for sale.
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    I am not a real experenced owner of a carvewright machine and not sure really sure what the best way to get a pattern i am looking for. I have searched all the military themed posts and items in the store but cannot find anything for the Army Anti-Aircraft Corp. crossed cannons with a missle infront. bought the crossed cannons from the store, but none of missles are the right ones. anyone know who can help me creat this item. my skills are building but not there yet.

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    As most of us old timers of this forum know if you just ask for a pattern and it has been shared here for free someone will usually post it for the asking. Don't waste your money buying CD's off eBay offering patterns, most have been copied right from here. There are a few different places to find patterns just for the Carvewright machine. One of them is here on this site, another site is, and . Hope this helps you out a little.

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