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    Exclamation The CarveWright Pattern Depot

    We appreciate the great enthusiasm with which the new Pattern Store has been greeted. We are very excited to bring this new powerful extension of the CarveWright community to you. We can’t wait to make thousands of new high quality never-before-seen patterns available to all users of the CarveWright and CompuCarve Woodworking systems. This will transform your machine’s abilities and allow users to profit from their own creations.

    The new Pattern Store will enable you to purchase high quality patterns on-line and eventually even directly from your CarveWright software; allow pattern creators to distribute their creations widely to the CarveWright community in a protected environment; and, ensure a continuous supply of literally thousands of high quality patterns that have not been available before. You can try patterns before you buy them; have custom patterns created, and you will even be able to post your own original patterns for sale to other users.

    This is a first step, and our programmers and engineers have spent months of tireless efforts and about a billion cups of coffee designing a workable Library and Store. We understand it is not perfect and we will be improving navigation and tweaking it as we move forward. There are additional pieces to come including the ability to create your own vendor account online and begin selling your patterns to the greater community. In the meantime, if you are interested in receiving information about how to make your patterns available for sale now, please contact us at

    We understand many users have questions and concerns about the new Pattern Store. We’d like to address those issues here and clear up some confusion and misunderstanding about how the Store will work. Also, we want to provide some tips and whatever assistance we can to enable you to start using the Pattern Store as quickly as possible.

    Some have been concerned that they can no longer edit patterns in the Pattern Editor.

    Any patterns that you had in your software before the new upgrade to the Pattern Store are still there and can be used by you on your system again and again.

    If this is a pattern that you scanned in using the CarveWright scanning probe or created from original artwork, there is a simple solution. You just re-import from the MPW file, original artwork or scanned data so the software will assign authorship to you and the Pattern Editor will then allow you to edit the pattern. If you have difficulty doing this, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

    The reason this is necessary is that the new Pattern Store software is designed to provide some protection for people’s original creative work. This is imperative to encourage the developers and creators of high quality patterns to make their work available for everyone’s use. The extensive work that goes in to developing high quality patterns has a significant value. We’re sure everyone agrees that the artists and creators deserve fair compensation for their work. It was necessary to provide some sort of protection for these creative rights within our software to bring these patterns to our users. Remember, this is just the beginning! Soon there will be thousands of patterns available!

    Therefore, due to the manner in which patterns are authored, the software will no longer allow the editing of licensed patterns. When a user saves a file out of the Pattern Editor, it assigns authorship to the user. If a user could transfer authorship of any pattern to them self, then there would be no protection against anyone taking another’s original creation and distributing multiple, perhaps hundreds or thousands of copies against the wishes of the original creator and without any fair payment to them. This would discourage people from making their high quality patterns available at all.

    However, you do have some abilities to make changes to an existing pattern acquired from someone else. The Project Designer will allow you to manipulate existing patterns by drawing regions and setting overriding depth levels to cut out the areas you wish to remove as in the case of cropping or removal of an image or part of an image.

    Some have expressed a concern over the prices being charged for patterns.

    The prices for patterns will be driven by the quality and value of the pattern as well as the demand by the users. This is true for everything. These prices will be adjusted as time goes on and more data becomes available to pattern vendors about what an appropriate price for a particular pattern ought to be. Again, some patterns require a tremendous amount of work and creativity. The artists and creators deserve a fair return for their investment. This is true for any creative arts.

    Finally, our moderators are charged with maintaining a sense of acceptable decorum on the forum. They are doing their jobs as moderators to keep the tone of the forum constructive and helpful for everyone. Please keep your comments and questions civil, as stated in the rules of the forum. We want to help everybody and get your questions answered as quickly as we can. Please show everybody the respect and dignity you would have them show you.

    Please post your replies here
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