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Thread: With Regards to Sandpaper Belt Roll-up

  1. Default With Regards to Sandpaper Belt Roll-up

    LHR has found that sandpaper belt roll-up occurs when the head loading drops below 60 lbs as determined by our scale test. The optimum pressure is 80 lbs. The head load, as dictated by the clutch, can change over time due to several factors. The most common is dust wicking the grease off the four corner posts and two lead screws. Since the manufacturer has rigorous tests to ensure the parts that influence the head loading are within specifications, the head load can be brought back within tolerance by applying lubrication to key components.

    LHR recommends you check the head loading with a bathroom scale regularly. To check the head load, place a bathroom scale on the sandpaper belts oriented such that the foot pads of the scale are underneath the compression rollers located on the underside of the head. Crank the head down until the clutch clicks 4-5 times. The scale reading should be between 75-85 lbs. If the reading is below 75, lubricate the four corner vertical posts and the two vertical lead screws. If the reading is over 85 lbs, lubricate the clutch in the crank handle assembly. LHR recommends using a grease when lubricating the clutch (white lithium grease in a spray can is the easiest to use). A variety of lubricants, including wax, grease and Teflon spray, can be used on the four vertical corner posts and lead screws. This detailed lubrication procedure can be found in the Troubleshooting section of the Operator's manual (available online).

    It is VERY important that the head pressure be regularly checked in order to maintain optimum performance of your CarveWright or CompuCarve Woodworking System. Please read all about regular maintenance of your machine in the Care and Maintenance section of the Operator's manual.
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    Default 4 or 5 clicks ?

    My machine hasn't clicked for weeks now. I called twice on the problem and it still does not work. Any suggestions? (I cleaned, lubricated removed handle, put it back correctly where it drops into place etc.)
    Thanks J. Vermie

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    You should post this in the troubleshooting section of the fourm, this section is for Carvewright announcements.

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    Default Sand paper Roll up

    I have 85 lbs of head preasure and I am still getting sideways motion on the belts both of them...
    It doesnt happen on a short light piece of wood say under 5 ft
    So far it only happens on a heavy sled approx 7 ft by 1 ft
    it has ruined both belts now one 2 days ago when we had the first go and the front one when I was measureing the piece to try and finish
    I replaced the second belt and marked where they were aligned
    Then did a SeaBee Combat Action Badge on 3/4 mdf aprox 3ft by 11 in
    both belts tracked true.
    retried running the big sled with in the 7 ft the belts have moved over aprox 3/4 inch
    Do I have to take both belts off and realign or will they recenter if I do a lighter shorter sign??

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    Check out the Heavy Duty Traction Belts! They are an upgrade to the Sandpaper Traction belts and guaranteed not to roll up.

    You still need to do proper maintenance of your machine. HDTB's do not relieve you of the responsibility of Checking Head Pressure and properly lubricating your vertical posts. Your belts won't roll up as a result, but you will eventually see other issues that are a result of improper Head Pressure.

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