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    Hello everyone. As the title implies, I purchased a secondhand CarveWright today and am trying to get started. The machine was well looked after and appears to have all the accessories that came with it new in 2008, including the software CD.

    How does one go about getting the software installed? It doesn't appear that the original license server is operating anymore!


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    Your best bet is to contact Carvewright at 713-473-6572. You will need the serial number located on the lower front on a plate below the feed tray. They will help you with registering your machine which will enable you to download the latest version of software that comes with the basic machine. Not sure what accessories you have but some add on's are not transferrable to new users such as the scanning probe. They will be able to answer all those questions for you.
    Good luck , welcome to carving
    Rick h

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    Thank you, Rick!

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    Welcome, hope you enjoy your machines. Have any questions don''t be afraid to ask them. We here will do our best to help you get thru any issues you may have.

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    Oh, since 2008 is quite old. You need time to install and repair

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    Before installing, research online forums or the CarveWright website for any known compatibility issues or installation problems with the specific software version on the CD.

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    If the original license server is no longer active, contacting CarveWright’s customer support is a good idea. They can help with software installation and provide any necessary updates.
    tunnel rush

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    To get started with the software installation, you can follow these steps:

    1. Insert the software CD into your computer's CD drive.
    2. Navigate to the CD drive on your computer and locate the setup file for the CarveWright software. It should be an executable file with a name like "setup.exe" or similar.
    3. Double-click on the setup file to begin the installation process. wordle
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. This may involve agreeing to the software's terms and conditions, selecting a destination folder for the installation, and choosing any additional components or features to install.
    5. Once the installation is complete, you should be able to launch the CarveWright software from your computer's Start menu or desktop shortcut.

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    I had a similar issue when I first got my secondhand CarveWright. One thing you might try is to see if there's a more recent version of the software available for download directly from CarveWright's website. Sometimes the older CDs have compatibility issues with newer operating systems. Additionally, make sure your computer meets the system requirements for the software. If you still encounter problems, reaching out to their customer support with your serial number handy will likely be the most straightforward way to resolve it. Good luck with your carving!

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