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Thread: Bookshelf for dolls

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    Default Bookshelf for dolls

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    It was supposed to be a bookshelf for dolls of 1/4 size. Well, the size was not really as it was supposed to become, as it will be a bit narrow and 1/2 height - but hey, it suits the miniature books "owned" by the doll. This is the second try, the first was done using the UCB (Universal Carrier Base), but I got some terrible slipping, front and back did not match at all; maybe using UCB is beyond my skill level or maybe it just will slip in some circumstances. So trying to carve the bookshelf out of a 24" piece of woold resulted in 24" waste.

    The second try was carved out of 31.4" x 7.8" x 0.71" (80 x 20 x 1.8 cm), that's how the small shelf board are dimensioned on my side of the pond. The board was probably not very rectangular (long edges maybe not exactly perpendicular), as it drifted away while carving the backside by 1/16-1/8", so I had to do some manual adjustments. The sides of the shelf have 4 drilled holes for screws that are supposed to hold the shelf together, but later on I decided to just apply glue and then some water based varnish.
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    The look is very nice Zed. As long as the books still fit and you dont tell anyone about the size issues, I don't think anyone will notice.

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    Like it, especially how you inset the edge of the bottom shelf and undercut it to match the end panels. The ability to adapt to the occasional imperfection is what makes you a woodworker. I have kindling for my shop stove that comes from cut offs and some 'adjustments'.

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    Zed, you look great. I don't think anyone will notice the size concerns as long as the books still fit and you keep it a secret.
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    Your determination is inspiring! Despite the setbacks, you managed to create a lovely bookshelf for the doll's miniature books. geometry dash

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