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Thread: updated***CarveWrights for sale, two of them***Feb, 2024

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    Default updated***CarveWrights for sale, two of them***Feb, 2024

    It's been several years since I have been here on the forum but.....
    I have two CarveWright machines for sale. Neither has been used for the past few years. We switched our shop over to different direction and now these are sitting idle. Both have chuck upgrades and One has been upgraded with rubber belts the other still has sandpaper. Both are 100% working order. Have some misc spare parts. Both have RingNeck dust collection. Also included are tons of different jigs I created to save material and not having to add to each end. Lots of bits etc. I no longer have the boxes. I am located in Durham, North Carolina and you would need to collect from here as I really don't want to ship. Ask any questions and I will do my best to answer.
    Pictures provided upon request....

    .....(selling only as a pair)..... $1000.00 for the pair with all jigs, bits extra parts and acc.
    Email me at: Put carvewright in subject line we can exchange phone numbers and go from there.

    AKA LeviBoxerDog

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    Can I see a photo of it?

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    I sent a message to your email but received no response

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    Are you sold yet? I want to ask for pictures.

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    I want to ask for pictures? Candy Crush

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    Are you sold yet? I agree to buy at that priceeggy car

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    Hi, I'm interested in the CarveWright machine, are there any pictures you can show to see it? If there are pictures and the price is slightly cheaper, I think I can purchase dolls cheap

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