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Thread: AI depth map generators

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    Default AI depth map generators

    There is a race war right now on who can get the best depth map (bas relief) AI algorithm.

    Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Tik Tok and who knows how many other agencies are working on this capability. Of course to package as part of their image filter packages that become a selling point to buy their hardware or service.

    From the Youtube reviews it looks like TikTok (Depth Anything) has the current lead but I could not figure out how to install it into my Stable diffusion XL installation. I don't know Python coding or Git so its all on me.

    They are all impressive. Technology is moving on. Custom 2.5d patterns are going to be getting easier to do pretty soon (already).

    The process still needs a little bit of manual labor to clean up but way faster than the traditional modeling techniques. These took me under 20 minutes from AI image to complete cnc pattern.
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    Astounding. Another one of the advances in technology that is wonderfully helpful and scary as all hell at the same time. Guess it's going to be up to the users state of mind and intentions as to whether the results are good or bad for humanity. My plan is to hope for the best and enjoy the good things that come from it, like your work.
    Thanks for the peek into our future.

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    I did a search in google for "how to create depth maps using AI" (minus quotes) The results are almost overwhelming. One of the links - below:

    listed 70 AI tools for AI depth maps.

    I think oscarl48 is right on. I feel AI will develop into a very useful too.

    Because of the possibilities of depth maps created using AI, I encourage the keepers of this forum to create a special area to assist all of us in the nurturing of this new frontier. (Connie are you listening?)

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    AI models that create depth maps often require powerful computational resources, slope especially when dealing with high-resolution images.

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