Is it just me or has customer support with Carvewright gone down hill? A few years ago I bought my third Carvewright machine.m My first was purchased in 2011. It took almost three months for the machine to arrive. While waiting for the machine to arrive I received an email from Carvewright stating that the parts for the machine were off the coast of California ona container ship waiting to be offloaded. When I finally received my machine the rails, spindle, and other metal pieces were rusted and pitted. The head would not raise or lower because of the rust and lack of lubrication. Before I even powered on the machine I called Carvewright support to make them aware of the state of the brand new machine that I had recieved I also emailed pictures. Connie told me they could mail me a new one but I would have to pay the return shipping. I was frustrated because I had already paid the shipping to have a new machine sent to me and it arrived in terrible condition. When one of the support guys got on the phone he asked me if I had disassembled the machine and re-lubricated it yet. I explained that I had not, nor even thought about it because it was a "brand new machine". Once I powered it on and tried my first carving the bit finder would not come out all of the way, I hadn't done any of the lubrication proccess yet. I just wanted to go through a thorough test first because of the state my machine arrived in. I called Carvewright support and made them aware of the problem. Again I was told dissassemble the machine and re-assemble it to see if this would fix the issue. I wass very frustrated because I had just spent 3,000 dollars on a brand new machine that arrived rusty and not in any sort of working condition. All of the support that I had gotten was to just fix it myself. Ever since the machine has has problem after problem. Everytime I call I get the run around. In researching Carvewright and LHR technologies I have seen many many many reviews from people over the las three or four years. People having received machines that did not work upon arrival and the customer support solution has been to pay to have it shipped back, to pay expensive shipping and handling fees to have parts that are still covered under warranyt shipped so the owner can fix it themselves. I was suprised to find out how often this was happening lately. Not the Carvewright I knew from before. I asked one of the customer support people that if they had paid 3,000 dollars for something brand new and it arrived in poor condition and non working order would they call the company to complain? They said that they would. I then asked them how they would feel if that company that sent out a defective product was requiring them to pay to ship the defective prodcut back to them how they would feel. The Carvewright Support person admitted that it wouldnot be fair and they would not expect that. I than asked, whhy am I expected to do that if you wouldn't do it..... Silence.. Oh and just in case anyone is asking I also paid for the extended warranty. I am so disappointed in how things are running at Carvewright now. Is anyone else having customer service issues?