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Thread: Help with Letter Getting Letters to Extrude out not in

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    Question Help with Letter Getting Letters to Extrude out not in

    Everything I try to do. I get my letters to go into the wood. So if I make a sign that says "Dog House" it's always cut in the wood. I want to make the sign to where everything else is cut away and the letters stick out of the wood. I am using the designer 1. Is this even possible or do I have to pay more for an upgrade to do what I want? If designer 1 will do it can you please point me to a tutorial that explains it. Or let me know it's impossible so I can start looking for another toy that will do it?

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    If I understand correctly, you just have to make sure that your text is higher than the rest of the carving. You can set the depth of the text to 0 so it doesn't carve out at all. Play around with the height of both your carving and text to see what works for you.

    P.S. Also make sure your text isn't inverted. Then it will always carve in.
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    Think Oscar hit it with the Invert of the text, keep getting in a hurry and having to back up and change that when I see the results. The other part I find useful is doing a carve region using a rectangle, square or round tool to have a flat area around the text vs it being only the 'feather' around the letters. Attached are example of both
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