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Thread: z qaxis stall question

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    Default z qaxis stall question

    just put a new z motor in. Did 6 crib boards without a problem, on the 7th, I got a z axis stall after 90 percent of the holes were drilled. I went through the Carvewright trouble shooting checklist and found out the FCC cable had worked loose. Pushed it back in, resumed the carve and the same thing happened after 6 holes drilled.
    Should there be a bit of antivibration glue on the plastic cover to keep the FCC cable in place?


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    When you pushed it back in did you remove the black plastic cover so that you could be sure it was plugged in correctly?

    Yes you can use some caulking on the ffc cable and connector to hold it in place. The plastic cover is held in place with the small screw at the top of the cover.
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    Thanks, yes it was firmly pushed in with the plastic pulled back. I will put a small dap of caulking on the connect.

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    Glad to see that you may have over come your issue and have survived to carve another day.

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