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Thread: Speed Loader for AK47

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    Default Speed Loader for AK47

    I made this mag loader from watching a guy on YouTube making one for an AR15. I did modify it to fit my 5.45x39 ammo, I also layered it with a piece of acrylic to make it slippery without using wax like the one on YouTube. With the help of Oscar who made a pattern for the AK rifle I added it to the loader. Thanks Oscarl48. I also used his pattern for the AK and the bullet to make the Home Protection sign. My first attempt wasn't great, had to make the letters BOLD but don't have a picture of that sign on my computer. Again, thanks for the help Oscar.
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    ver. 1.188 Win 7- 64b with 6 GB ram @ 2.8Ghz and dual 1Tb hard drives. Rock Chuck & Ringneck vacuum system hooked up to a Harbor Freight large vacuum. Center line text, conforming vectors.

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    That is sweet!! Came out great. Really nice job.

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    The speed loader is great, nice work. The sign is awesome, I love it. Never thought of it being a high speed wireless device. Now that I think about it, the really nice thing, is that you do not need WiFi to reach out to the ones you are trying to make connect with, so it will work anywhere.

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