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Thread: Placing two projects on the same board

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    I am trying to put 2 separate project files on the same board, they are almost identical except for some of the words. 1 has all all centerline the other has a mix of Raster and Centerline. The software places the second one on top of the first one and won't let me separate them. This is a test carve to see which one I like better and also to learn a new technic
    any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm using Designer 4 with a CX machine. Waiting for my Raven to arrive.

    Thanks, Chuck

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    Don't have Designer 4, am on 3. Am guessing you used a copy and paste to move one project from its original board to the one for the multiple projects. What I found was that when I tried to move the project I pasted to the multiple project it wouldn't move. I went to the carving list and clicked on the project that was originally on this board and was able to move it.
    Don't have a clue why but hopefully this will work for you.

    Ps. Went back and played around and found the project I copied and pasted had the center vertical & horizontal turned on. When I turned them off before copying I was able to move it after pasting on the multiple project board.

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