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    For many years I've wanted this machine. I could imagine what wonderful things I could create with it. Finally, the time came when I could afford to buy one and all I've had are problems. This unit has been the most temperamental machine I've ever owned. I have spent more time trying to get it working than I have been able to finish projects. Soon after I got it I had to replace a sensor under the Z truck because of dust. I've lost so much wood from the machine failing part way through a project. I've owned this thing for several years now and have only been able to get a few good projects completed. It sits in my garage collecting dust because I get so frustrated with it constantly. I sometimes try a project on a "scrap" board so if it fails, I'm not out a bunch more money. Then, when I think it's safe to try on a good piece of wood, it fails mid way. Recently, after it had sat for nearly a year, I made sure to re-clean it before attempting to use. I uploaded my project on a scrap board and let it go. It gave me issues with finding the bit as it does so many times. Mind you, I've replace the sleeve, flex shaft, and bit last time I used it. This time around, it got nearly 50% through the project (simple design nothing fancy). The Z truck froze and the project stopped. No way to recover and continue. On my last use, I removed the plastic covers on the truck bearings and cleaned them well. This time I decided to remove them altogether and check them. Wouldn't you know it, one was nearly frozen. I don't have a problem with moisture in the garage, so it had to be dust. But aren't these sealed? I soaked them all in penetrating oil and was able to have them all spin freely once again. I cleaned everything while I had it apart. Before you say I should use a dust collector, I always do. I got the one that is sold from Carvewright. Another problem I often get is tracking errors. I have checked and re-check the head pressure often, probably more often than I should. I blow out the machine, reload material, and sometimes it takes a couple of tries before that problem goes away. I recently learned that I shouldn't have my machine running on the same circuit as my dust collector. Well, I don't know about most of you, but I have a single car garage/shop and there is ONLY 1 circuit to the breaker for it. Besides, the dust system doesn't seem to do its job anyways. I still have a bunch of sawdust on the project that I have to vac up when the project finishes. Another bit of fun I'm having with it is when it is "detecting" the bit. I use the standard 1/16 bit. I watch the Y truck move from its start position to the right side of the machine and for some reason it doesn't move far enough to trigger the lever that the bit uses to determine it's size. The spring loaded plate moves slightly, but not enough for the bit to find it. I just recently had to put a piece of double sided tape on it (still keeping the outside of it with the protective layer). That seemed to do the trick. But why am I having to modify the machine just so I can use it. I've spent way too much money on it to just toss it. I wouldn't feel right trying to sell it. What can I do? Do others have my same problems and as often?

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    Most folks have a love//hate relationship with these machines. They do great things when running right. The rollers are not sealed and fine dust can get in them. Pine dust is the worst due to the high sap content. We here will do what we can to help you get running. Not sure where you are located, but maybe someone in your area could give you a hand in getting this machine going.

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    Don't have answers for all your issues. I've used three dust collectors and all leave some dust, the carvewright model is my least favorite. I have started placing some masking/blue tape over any opening that is not over the actual carve trying to concentrate the suction. Fortunately for me I was able to upgrade to a larger vac on a separate circuit. Your bit plate issue may be being caused by the power cable to the cut motor. It is on the right side and should be back against the cover. Try sliding the the head with the power off and look back there with a light and see if it's hitting. I've taped mine back against the cover with a piece of duct tape. Figured out I had caused the problem when removing the cover to replace the brushes. Good luck

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