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    Looking to get a replacement traction belt. Iíve reas there are rubber ones available as well but canít find either one. If theyíre no longer sold does anyone know the dimensions of the belt a good aftermarket source to purchase from?

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    Rubber belts were part of an upgrade package only available from Carvewright to my knowledge. Involved adding physical part beyond the belts along with adjustments. Checked the Carvewright site and was surprised the upgrade is no longer available. The sandpaper belts have not been available from Carvewright for years. I did find a company several years ago who had the sandpaper belts, A&H Abrasives which is a part of Woodworkers Supply. When I ordered by the size they contacted me and asked if the belts were for a Carvewright and supplied them with an item number of 167657. My receipt has a number of 800-831-6066 and I found a number on the web of 800-645-9292.
    One thing I have learned is belts only last until the tape that is used on the splice joint holds, even new ones in the box loose their grip over time.
    Hope this helps, good luck
    Rick H

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    One thing LHR does, is removing items from the parts list, if they are not in stock. I would contact LHR to see what the issue could be.

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