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    I am at a loss as to how to make an arced carve region. No problem with designing a 1/4"x1/4"x5" long carved region but I really need one that is in an arc as apposed to a straight line. I can't find the right set of tools to do this. Any advice is very welcome.

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    Hope post on in the other thread helps. If not let us know.

    Copied and pasted your comments for his other post because I will be deleting it..

    Let us see if this helps. Put your first arc on the board. Now put the second side of the arc on the board. Now click edit, select all. Now connect the two arcs at the points. Once a carve region can be made. Hope this helps.
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    A carve region needs to have a closed path, all lines connected. Are you closing the arc?

    Note: you should not double post your questions. I will delete your other post.
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    Sorry, been gone. Thank you for the reply. I'm heading for the shop ASAP. Very much appreciated!

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