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Thread: Editor for the Pattern List?

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    Default Editor for the Pattern List?

    My Pattern List is getting very unwieldy. I have saved a pattern in one part of the "tree" and then wanted to move it to a subcategory. The whole list has gotten messy and possibly corrupt. There are duplicates of some patterns and for some reason I can delete some but not others.
    I'd like to clean it up and reorganize it but am afraid I'm going to lose everything. Is there a 3rd party utility possibly? Any solutions?

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    There is not a 3rd party utility to edit the pattern list. One possible cause of your problem is that you were in the CarveWright folder that contains the favorites file and other pattern that show up in the pattern list. Trying to open, double clicking, any of them will just make a duplicate.

    What is your level of computer skills? Are you savvy with navigating to and working in computer folders/file? If so I can direct you to what might need to be done.
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