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Thread: 18 pin cable

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    Default 18 pin cable

    I have the original Craftsman Compucarve A series CNC.
    I had it in storage for several years. I decided to get it out, clean it up, and get it going again.
    Unfortunately I found that the 18 pin cable ribbon to the spindle head was damaged by a rat.
    I called Carvewright to get another one but I was told that the ribbon was discontinued since 2007 and I would have to upgrade my CNC to get the 14 pin ribbon. That would cost hundreds of dollars.
    I can’t afford a new machine, so I’m hoping to get one from someone who upgraded their machine.
    I sure appreciate it.

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    Sorry to hear about your 18 pin cable. Due to it's thinness it would let conductors snap inside the plastic leading to many problems from the bit driving into the board and jamming, Air Carves, Board Sensor reading errors. I will post your request on the CarveWright facebook page as it gets allot of attention. Ask them to come here and contact you.
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    Thank you! I need all the help.

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    A cable may be available through electronics suppliers. Please measure the exact length and width of the cable, and if possible the spacing between conductors (will likely be in metric). Also a close-up photo of one end showing the conductors. I buy electronics regularly and may be able to find a supplier for you.

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    Thank you. I am a little slow right now I appear to have a little stoke.

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    The cable is 23 long and 3/4”. It has 18 points at the end.

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    Are the contacts on the same side of the cable, or opposite sides?

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    Default 18

    I canít put pictures in it, but it has blue in it, no end.

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    It has same end. Send picture of what you got .

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    What I am asking is the cable a "Type A" or "Type B" per the attached photo.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cable type.PNG 
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    We also need to know the pitch of the contacts. If the cable is 3/4" wide, with 18 contacts the pitch should be 1 mm.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	pitch.PNG 
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