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Thread: Check Board Sensor Error / FFC cable fatigue failure

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    Default Check Board Sensor Error / FFC cable fatigue failure

    Hi - this is a report and completed thread for info.
    I started getting unexplained "Check Board Sensor" errors when attempting to start running a project. I followed all of the suggestions on Carvewright's troubleshooting page (
    None of those were effective. I was getting good readings when running the sensor check diagnostic. Support finally suggested "check the ffc cable" - the flexible cable connecting to the y-truck. Lo and behold, when I jiggled that cable with my finger while checking the diagostic, the reading jumped erratically.
    I took the cover off of the cable connection, and (see photo) found the problem. The cable suffered fatigue failure right at the opening of the black protective collar. My machine has relatively low hours of use, so this was somewhat surprising to see.

    Suggestion - next time you're "under the hood" - loosen the screw and slide that collar out and inspect your FFC cable. (Replacement cables are sold in the Carvewright store).
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the report on this and good troubleshooting.
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    When you inspect your machine always be on the lookout for FFC Cables that have any sharp bends in the moving part. It makes the bend or kink bend in a small area leading to failure. Like a piece of copper wire in your hand and you keep bending it until if changes color and snaps. The FFC is a Consumable in my opinion. Good job finding the problem.
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