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Thread: Ensure Sliding Plate Set - deeper board

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    Default Ensure Sliding Plate Set - deeper board

    I have a work piece that is 2 inches thick (I understand that 5 inches is the maximum thickness). Actually the piece is only 1 inch, but I mounted it on a sled, as it is small and I'm experimenting with carving smaller plaques.

    When the project is going through its startup checks, the z-truck goes over to the right and attempts to lower itself and find the sliding plate. It dips down several times and always stops short about 1/4 inch.The error "Ensure Sliding Plate set" appears and I cannot proceed.

    The sliding plate is in position. Also I am using the standard 1/16" carving bit with the CarveTight spindle. I am only attempting to carve 1/4 inch into the surface of the piece.

    I saw a post from a year ago that says I may need the longer bits. I hope this is not the case - I'm not carving that deep. From what I can surmise, this is just a matter of the machine trying to calibrate itself.
    Suggestions? (I know about gluing side rails to pieces to minimize depth but that has other drawbacks).

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    I will post this question on the Facebook page. I don't remember the answer.... You have to enter the board thickness even though it is on the sled.
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    If only carving on the top surface set the board thickness as the total thickness of the board and sled.

    You did not say what version of the software he was using. I recall something about a thick board issue and I think they did a 3.xxxx update for fixing it.

    Also your statement about the side rails makes no sense to me.
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    I think you need to post the project. Some of this does not make sense to me either. If I recall, when carving a project of depth less than 1/2", the machine does not even bother to try and measure the thickness of the board. It will not even try to touch the sliding plate.

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