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    I have a A Model Craftsman Compucarve that needs some work to get it working properly again. The head pressure won't stay adjusted because the bolt holes in the base are cracked keeping the bolts from being tightened. Below I have listed the specs:

    Model A
    Upgraded electronics
    Replaced original Bit holder with Carvetight
    Dust Collection connects to Shopvac
    Rubber Belts
    New brushes in Drive Motor
    Total hours - 259 hrs 30 min

    Reasonable offers excepted. Buyer must pay for shipping or direct pick up in North Idaho. If I can't sell it I will part it out.

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    So, it has a broken base?
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    I would be interested in the controller if you part it out, or I would be willing to buy the whole machine at a reasonable price. Please reply if interested to (

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    The base isn't actually broken. The bolt holes that hold it together are cracked and do not keep the bolts tight and the head pressure is too loose.

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    Is this machine still available?

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