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Thread: roller bed not level across Y dimension

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    Default roller bed not level across Y dimension

    I had done some "maintenance" late last year, and apparently put it back together wrong. I noticed that the carves were deeper on the near side (keyboard side) than on the far side. I finally measured the distance from the bottom of the rail that the Y truck runs along to the belt at the two sides, and the keyboard side was 1/8" closer. Hmmm...Now I wish I could really remember just what I had done last year. Probably some maintenance of the X drive belts. I hope so. But I thought that before I start taking it apart again and trying find what I'd done wrong, does anyone have any advice about what to pay attention to? Thanks for any help.


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    Make sure you bolted the drive belt assemblies down between the alignment tabs. Maybe the keyboard side of one of them is up on a tab. Otherwise, I guess it would be the level head problem.

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    Thanks for the advice. I used the head leveling documentation. As usual, the writeup was complete and straightforward, and it seems to have solved my problem. I then had to figure out why the cut motor wasn't cutting, but that was a simple problem with the clear plastic cover not coming down all the way after I'd adjusted the dust collector. Back to having fun!

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