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Thread: ER20 spindle

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    There are 2 Facebook pages for the CW. Lots of discussions about the machine. Like many of us, you will learn to love the machine.
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    So how do I hold the spindle on the top so I can get the chuck off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdsmyth71 View Post
    So how do I hold the spindle on the top so I can get the chuck off?

    Check with CarveWright to see if they still sell this. It says discontinued but shows up in the store. It fits the square hole on top of the spindle.. OR you can grind down something to fit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bergerud View Post
    I sent out quite a few ER20 spindles and suppose that some of them did not get used. If anyone out there has one of these ER20 spindles and is not using it, there are more than a few members who would like one.
    I have one, an early prototype, that I did not use. At the time I had a project going and did not want to interrupt by installing the ER20. Been happy with the ER11. If someone wants the ER20, send me a message.

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