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Thread: Turkey Fan Tail Mount

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    Default Turkey Fan Tail Mount

    My computer crashed and I lost my pattern that I had for the Turkey Fan Tail Mount, Does anyone have one to share ?
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    I can't help find your pattern, but I do have a suggestion to avoid problems after a computer crash in the future. Install Google Drive or Microsoft Onedrive, and keep all of your patterns and mpc files on that drive. Your files will automatically be backed up to the cloud so you can recover them anytime. You can probably get enough free cloud backup to do this. I have a computer in my office and another in the shop, both connected to the same cloud drives. I can design from the comfort of my office, upload and run projects in the shop, and make adjustments to the design in the shop as needed. Any changes made in the shop are passed up to the cloud and down to the office computer, and vice versa.

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