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Thread: cut motor stopped running during a project

  1. Default cut motor stopped running during a project

    I just began a new project and it was running fine until the cut motor just stopped running. I tried restarting the project and the cutting head began to move but the cut motor did not start running. I can hear the switch click when I close the lid and when i push the switch in using a small nail. I than tried to reload the project from the beginning. It measured the board, found the surface and bit but the motor would not spin up during the bit load up process. Any ideas

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    Wondering how many hours on motor? The switch on the right side is the switch for the motor. The brushes in the motor could have issues, worn, broken spring. Pulling the motor out is a fairly easy job. Let us know if you need help with that.

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    sounds like motor brushes to me also. I just had it happen at about 46 1/2 hours.

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