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    Board sensor
    I have recently had a problem with the board sensor on one of my Carvewright machines. It went from measuring the boards most of the time and occasionally giving me a board sensor error to giving me a board sensor error almost every time I try to use it. I decided to just go ahead and order a new board sensor rather than keep fighting with it. So I ordered a new board sensor and when it arrived I was looking at it and noticed that it no longer had the glass cover over the opening on the bottom of the board sensor. It made me wonder if this was something the company decided it did not need because it was causing problems with the board sensor. So I decided to take the glass cover off of the old board sensor and see if it would work and it did. Now I have the old board sensor working and I have a brand-new one still in the bag.
    I should also mention that deciding to replace the board sensor was a big decision for me because I don’t use my machines as often as I used to because I can’t do anything with them without help and the expense of a new board sensor was not something I was sure would be worth the investment for the amount of use I would get out of it but in the end I decided having machine in working order was worth it.

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    Yes, they have started taking the glass cover off of the sensor. They keeps it from catching the dust inside and giving bad readings. I would hang on to the new one.
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