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Thread: Tracking sensor not working board falls out?

  1. Default Tracking sensor not working board falls out?

    Hi All,

    I had for gotten about the 7in rule, so My board is 24x11.5x.074, The board I want to make is 15 x 10? I do not understand why the board keeps falling out? Am I missing something else? Please. I am trying to understand, I have made at least 20 other boards with no problem? I would greatly appreciate any help you can send my way. I just received the how to make a jig this morning I guess that is what I need?

    Thank you

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "the board keeps falling out". If you mean when the machine is measuring the board and it just keeps running and spits it out when it gets to the end then you have a stuck roller switch. If that is the case do a sensor check and see if both rollers are showing open when there is no board in the machine..

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    You have a stuck compression roller. Do as Dale said, do a compression roller sensor check.
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    The Compression Roller is important like Floyd pointed out... It wakes up the board sensor... If no compression roller drop... board sensor never comes on and board drives out of the machine.... Do a sensor check... Crank down on a board and look at the rollers... Un crank and see if the status changes.... Dust builds up on the resting plate of the roller. And it can't drop far enough to let the switch fall into the slot.
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    This happened to me as well but in my case the wood was too dark (pre-stained). I used a piece of natural wood as a test, and it worked fine.

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    [QUOTE=Mike1;274049]This happened to me as well but in my case the wood was too dark (pre-stained). I used a piece of natural wood as a test, and it worked fine.[/QUOTE
    When I use wood to dark for the sensor to pick up on, I put masking tape in a T pattern where the sensor travels.

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