I'm a newb. Turned my CW on for the first time 2 months ago. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a rocky road, but things are coming together for me now.
One of the main reasons I wanted a CNC machine was for my hobby - building guitars. I purchased the CW because of the small foot-print it required, and the ability to do longer projects. I also do a lot of cabinet work and wanted to be able add decorative touches to it. I had pretty given up and resigned myself to thinking I bought the wrong machine for what I wanted. I've made a lot of progress since then, and I'm very happy with the CW now. Me & CW are going to be friends after all. Hope someone besides me finds this thread interesting, I plan to keep adding to it as I go.

Anyone with a template and a router can make a guitar body. As long as the top of that body is flat. If you want a profile, that's a problem. This style of guitar is called a "Les Paul" or LP for short and it features a carved top. Normally it is built in two pieces, then glued together. The base is a wood like mahogany, the carved top is often figured maple.
Here's my base carving. Note the cheater rails I attached to the side of the wood to make it longer and wider.
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I didn't carve all the way through the 1-3/4" piece of material. I cut it out on the bandsaw and finished it with a router.
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And then the carved top......the reason I'm here. This is the MDF version.
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Success is a wonderful thing.