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    Hi All,

    I am going to carve this for a friend. However I am not sure what bit I should use? Also how do you know what the bits are as I don't see any markings? I believe I have been using the 1/16/ however I think I should use the 1/8. My bits are in green containers with numbers, 45714 and J004, does anyone know what bits these are? I am uploading a copy of my piece and would like to know if I should change anything? I really appreciate any help you can send my way. Thank you and have a Great Day.

    Lori WellingtonAndrewsBaby.mpc

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    The default bit for pattern type carvings like you have set up is always the 1/16" tapered ball nose carving bit. It can be seen in the "board settings"/"Pattern bit" settings. If a new pattern bit size is selected it will be for everything on the board that is considered a pattern/raster type carve. You can not specify different pattern bits for different design elements on the board.

    As for your design I would remove the feathering on everything and lower the height to at least 100 or lower as 999 is way to high and may lead to chip out on the text.
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    Thank you, that is what I needed to know, I will note the changes. I really appreciate your help. Thank you


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