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In my opinion what happened is that you installed the bits for a pre carve. When you went to install the bit a 2nd time the machine saw that the bit installed the 2nd time was a different length from the pre carve bit check. This could have happened where you did not insert the bit all the way in the first time OR the 2nd time... Selecting a different bit would give you the error. It is important to watch the bit checks... 2 times touching the bit plate is good... 3 times is the machine did not like your first 2 readings, they were not the same.... Dirty Z Belt, Dirty Roller Rail Bearings, Dirty Z Rails... Or bit not inserted all the way.
It was happening during the pre-carve/setup. Setup would ask for the 1/8 cutting first, measure it, then the 1/16 carving. I haven't seen the bit plate come out 3 times yet. Just twice and then the head does sort of a jiggy jog after the second time and goes home.

It happened again last night, but I didn't have my phone on me to take a picture of the message. I asked it to carry on anyway and it did. The pattern came out perfect.