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Thread: Want to learn to cut out letters that are not attached

  1. Default Want to learn to cut out letters that are not attached

    Hi All,

    I would like to cut out individual letters so I can glue to another board, Is there a tutorial on how to do this? Or can anyone give me the steps to do this? I would like them to be Capital Letters? I would greatly appreciate any help you can send my way, Again Thanks in advance.


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    1. Place text on your board using the Text tool in Raster mode. Make the text the size that you want.
    2. Select the text. Click on the Outline Pattern tool.
    3. Select the text and then delete it. The outline Paths will remain.
    4. Select all of the interior outline Paths (e.g, the middle of the capital A). Select the Cut Path tool. I would suggest a minimum of two tabs for the interior cutouts, 1/4". If using the 1/8" cutout bit you might want to limit the Max Pass Depth.
    5. Select all of the exterior outlines. Select the Cut Path tool. Click on Flip Cut. I would suggest a minimum of tour tabs for the exterior cutouts, 1/4".

    If your letters are large, I would use more tabs.

    After you have designed your project, post it for review.

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    Were you able to get this to work? When we give advice, we would appreciate feedback.

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    No I am sorry I haven't been able to try this. But I will this week and will let you know. Thank you


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    Hi Dick,

    I am trying to follow the steps I am using the word Beach, Got it to size I wanted, outlined, then deleted text? Now I am lost do I highlight the middle of the b and a then do a cut path? I am not sure what I do next? I am uploading what I have done so far, can you give me a few more pointers? I really appreciate your time. Thank you

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    Move the cursor to the top middle of the B and click. It should turn white. Move to the lower middle B, hold the Ctrl key, and click. Both middle sections should be highlighted. Click on the Cut Path tool.

    Unfortunately there are a couple of problems with your font.

    The middle of the A did not resolve into a closed path for some reason. I have seen this happen before - it may be a software bug, or it may be a problem with the font. You can fix this by drawing connected lines with the Line Segment Tool on top of the middle of the A outline and then deleting the faulty outline.

    The second problem is that the tops and bottoms of the legs of the H are too close together and will not be cut with the Cut Path cified to be outside the outline. You can fix that my specifying an offset of .06" in the cut path tool - this will cause the machine to cut slightly inside the outline. Apply the same offset to the outside outlines of all the letters for consistency. Because the cut path is touching itself in two places, if a tab happens to get placed there (you have no control over Cut Path tab placement) it will be rendered useless. So, specify more tabs than usual in case two of them get destroyed.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you, I can see what you are saying, I will try to find a better font. Do you have any recommendations? I really appreciate your time.


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    I changed the font to this I re uploaded the new, however when I highlight the inner part of the b & a, I don't get a choice for cut path? Am I missing something? Sorry to be a pain, but I really am trying to learn. Thanks again

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    As I said earlier, it may be a software bug, it may be a problem with the font. Perhaps someone at Carvewright could answer. You just have to find a font that works.

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    This does happen some times. Not sure why, but if you resize your word just a little bigger or smaller and try, again, it may work next time.
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