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Thread: About to sell my Carvewright for scrap, Error Code E06-0324

  1. Default About to sell my Carvewright for scrap, Error Code E06-0324

    I had originally posted about this last year. original post located here.

    A quick recap is:
    Whenever I choose a project or try to scan an area the truck doesn't even twitch and I instantly get the error.
    I formatted the memory card.
    When I plug the Z motor pack into the Y motor pack there is more resistance when the machine is on.
    Replaced the Z Motor.
    Replaced the FFC cable.
    Replaced the Head Termination Electronics Board Assembly.
    Checked the cables underneath the machine.
    Checked all the other cable connections as well and all seem snug.
    Machine is on it's own circuit.

    What's happened in the last year is that right after the original post I sent the A2060 in for testing and it came back fine. Bought a new FFC cable and replaced it. Machine got half way through a project then randomly for the error. Since then it gave me the error whenever I chose the project. I got extremely frustrated and put it away for pretty much the last year. Brought it out again recently to try a new project and it started out fine but half way through the project again it shot out the error, and like before I get the error every time I select a project. I went through all the maintenance and troubleshooting and still no luck. I am seriously thinking about selling it for scrap. Ever since I've gotten it I've spent more time fixing it then having it work. I'm a small business and I was hoping to have this help my income, instead it just seems to be draining it.

    I'm real sorry to vent. I'm just extremely frustrated and am feeling like maybe this was a mistake.

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    Have you called Carvewright and spoken with a technician?

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    Not this most current time, but a year ago I got caught in a feedback loop hence why I walked away for a while. It was a loop of being told it was because of the electronic board, bought a new board, had the issue still, called again, said it was the board and to send it in for testing, board came back fine, reinstalled it, had the issue again, called, said it was the board, arm flailing ensued.

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