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Thread: Mac Spinning Wheel of Death when using contextual pull down menus.

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    Default Mac Spinning Wheel of Death when using contextual pull down menus.

    Hi folks,

    First off, I apologize if these questions appear anywhere else. I did look, but couldn't find anything, so....

    When using the contextual pulldown menus (right click pull downs) on just about any figure there is about a 50/50 shot Designer will just freeze when the menu appears, leaving me with the Spinning (Rainbow) Wheel of Death.

    Now most of these features are available in menus or on toolbars, so I've been able to get by to a degree, but not all....

    Has anyone run into this before? It happens on both my laptop and desktop (which are running the same Designer and OS versions).

    I did run into this occasionally prior to 3.106, but it's frequency has seemed to increase, though I'm not sure if that's directly related to v3.106.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. (Except, perhaps, for any that suggest I switch to Windows. )

    Oh, and I forgot to mention something. The cursor is just about constantly displaying as a black and white spinning ball. Any suggestion on how to get a standard pointer back would be great!

    Andy D.
    Designer v3.106 build 44 on Mac running 10.14.6 (Mohave)
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    There are known issues with the Mac, your best bet is to call CarveWright to get the latest updates with what is going on and support for your issues.
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    I have a similar issue, I am running Mac os 10.14.6 Mojave. Most of my design is with vectors, it is almost impossible to insert a vertex where I want it. The cursor turns in a black and white spinning ball, soon after, it turns to a colored ball and the program freezes. What can I do?


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    I'll do that, thanks.

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    Go in Designer to EDIT > PREFERENCES. Kick your Rendering Cache up to 512. It won't stop the ball of death, but it will minimize the spin time.
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