My wife loves Christmas so I was thinking about making her something that she can use to decorate with.

I drew up this design, my wife and I both have Norwegian heritage so just for something different I used "Gledelig Jul!" which is the Norwegian equivalent of "Merry Christmas", unless I'm wrong and it's actually a Norwegian curse word........LOL

I wanted this to be a surprise, so I can't ask her opinion, but I just feel like the entire design is lacking something, or maybe I need to go a whole different route, I don't know.
I would paint this, I'm thinking older style color scheme. More of a burgundy santa suit, ivory trim, greyish beard, maybe gold leaf lettering, that kinda thing........
But I'm open to ideas, suggestions or criticisms.

I've just hit a wall on this and could use another set of eyes on it.

Thanks in advance

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