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Thread: buy used Carvewright

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    Default buy used Carvewright

    anyone have a used Carvewright for sale .. been looking around for one in working order .. ?? thankyou . please email me at thanks a lot

    Bob Johnson

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    These machines can be purchased with issues fairly cheap. All of mine were purchased used.One first was carving all over the place, looked closer, I found a cracked Z truck frame. Ordered a new Z truck and that one worked great and still is. I purchased two from a seller cheap due to the fact that they thought the group they could sell to was a narrow window and wanted to part with them to settle an estate. I could not buy the upgrades for what I paid for the machines. They even came with stands. One stand was set up very nice with under cabinet storage, holes for tooling and wrench, and a tube to store and lube drive cable also mounted to it. Not sure what your ability is as to repair, but there is help here for most of that. I did buy one that I was told just came back from repair and never used, which I believe due to the fact that the person doing the repair left tooling in the chuck that I thought would used for locating the z truck for the repair. It powered up and ran all the test well. I got it home and I am still trying to get it right. I guess what I am trying to say is buy what you can, we are here to help. If you get it cheap enough the non working machines can be parted out to recoup the costs.

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    Where are you located?

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    Dade City Florida

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    ok I went and bought a new Carvewright .. but still looking for a used one at a decient price

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