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Thread: Uneven head pressure

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    Default Uneven head pressure

    When I crank the head down and it begins to apply pressure - the end towards the keypad goes down and the other end becomes stationary. I measured the distance from the work piece and the keypad end is about a 1/4 lower. What should I do to fix this?

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    May need to re-level the head? or make sure the rollers flex properly? one of them may be stuck.

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    I would wonder about the lead screw on the far side. Make sure it is turning and check that the nut on the head is not stripped.

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    A whole list of things can cause this.... The 2 lead screws have been known to strip the nut on top. Sawdust caked in the lead screw can jam the head. The 4 smooth posts could have dry grease on them and the Inside of the Sleeve Bearings could have caked dry grease inside making them stick. ONE of the 4 smooth posts could have a loose screw underneath. So while you are underneath. Be careful of the Power Supply... IT can KILL YOU... Un Plug Machine... There is a Cross Connect shaft and gears. This has a bad habit of the screw holding the 45 degree gears together to loosen letting the gears skip teeth leading to a un level head. A Quick way to level is put 2 blocks wood the same thickness on each side and gently cranking down. You may need to un do the Cross connect and do each side one at a time then reconnect the cross connect.

    A quick test is to put a strip of paper on each side. Crank down and tug paper.. IF one side comes out then it is high...

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