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Thread: Jogging to Position

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    Default Jogging to Position

    I have a 3'-6" long board but the caving is not in the center of the board so I can't use center pattern when carving.

    I have never used jog to position before and its asking for edge, corner or center, I think.

    What is the best way to find where I need to start the pattern in the Designer?
    I do know the feather part of the pattern is about 12" from the one end.

    Then I am assuming I just mark that spot on the wood and then jog to the position when it ask?

    Edit: I guess one of my concerns is not knowing what I am jogging to, I don't want the machine to start carving on the edge of the board if what I think is "corner" (or edge) is not what the machine thinks.
    Another Edit: Since my board in Designer is actual size, and the pattern is located appropriately in the software, could I just use the Corner option since it sounds like it will locate it from the start end of the board which is what I want?


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    Hi Aaron,

    Here is a good thread on positioning

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