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    I am sure this has been covered but I cannot seem to find a thread in the search bar. I am brand new to the machine and have the basic software. How do you cut text out of the wood. I watched Buds youtube video but it does not start from the beginning. I want to cut text out and glue it to another board to make a sign and just have not figured it out yet. Thanks for any help.

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    Use the text tool to place your text. Right click on text and select Outline Pattern. Delete the pattern. Add cut paths to the outline.
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    I finally figured that part out... Now I want to know how to cut out script (a string of letters that are attached to each other)

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    Thanks for the help!

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    Same thing. Just have to find a font that works for your needs. You can also attach them with some added geometry.

    Somewhat related topic thread.

    There are some little things you will have to learn because the trace command doesn't always create closed loops which you need to use the cut path command. I usually recreate the geometry using the connected line tool but you can also change the size of the font so its larger and then apply the trace tool and many times it will make a closed loop then. You then just have to reduce the size back down to your needs.
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    I will try that...Thank you

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    You can overlay a shallow carve region like a square or any shape on top of your text to help connect the script text or like I do to make a base for the BEAR... Then Outline and assign a cut bit for a cut path. To save on WOOD... I typed the letters out for the length and size I needed. Then typed out a separate letter and placed it on TOP of my Sentence to get the SIZE.. Then moved it to a NEW Board and positioned it for best yield.. Be aware of GRAIN.. A Expanding and Contracting board could cause the glued on letter to SPLIT.... I solved this problem by making the letters from PCV Board and they mounted it on a piece of Stable Plywood. In the picture I used a 4 foot light box as a Scale Factor to get the size of letters needed to pass County Code for SIZE with Corel Draw... made the picture 1 inch to 1 foot in Corel and measured each letter or size and made that in Designer.
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