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    Default Rev.B machine for sale - SOLD

    I have to fire it up and get the hours on it.. it's been around 800 hours if I recall properly..

    I will NOT ship it. It's local sale only - I and the machine reside in Rockland County, NY which is on the border of Northern NJ... about 35miles north of NYC.

    A reasonable offer will be accepted. I just want it out of my way and it's just collecting dust. It served me very well and the last time I used it ( about 1.5 years ago ) it was still in good operational order. I just moved onto a larger machine and Vectric stuff so I don't have any use for the CW except to say it got me into doing something I never would have tried without it.

    I think the best use for my machine might be someone that already has one and wants either a backup/second machine or parts.

    Sand belts are in good shape. ROCK chuck was installed. I have the scanning probe for it also. No tools ( bits ) are included.. just the machine/probe.

    I will clean it up and take some pictures when I can make some room over the weekend.

    You can view my previous posts under this account and also 'Ton80' - I can't log into that account any longer for some reason but I was fairly active on this board.


    I won't be checking in here all that much cause I don't have the time. If you are interested best to email me - I'll have pictures taken in a few days I hope and also fire it up and copy the on-time so I can reply back to emails with the additional info you might be interested in. I've serviced the machine as needed over the years but I don't really have a record of it.. Flex shaft replaced twice, both servo motors replaced... Y was replaced twice. Z replaced once.. X is original. I replaced the brushes on the motor or the motor... can't recall.. I suppose CW would have that info on what I ordered from them if you really need to know.

    customdartcabinets AT gmail DOT com - email me if you are interested and ask me questions if you have any..
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