I have the following group package for sale. 2 CarveWright Machines (one B and one CX) The CX model has a 53 hours on the cut motor, and the B shows 37 ( the CPU was replaced, and the hours were reset during the process) both run fine, the B has a self-made door switch so even thou It runs good, I am including it as (for parts only since the safety switch is disabled) you can replace it and all is well. I have 5 card readers (don’t ask) 5 cards and several bits. There is also a probe with extra tips, and also including the rotary device. Both have dust collectors. The package price for all is $1250. I only have one shipping box. I bought the B used, and I am the original owner for the C. The B has updated with the newer version chuck, and also updated sandpaper style belts. I live in Southern Middle Tennessee. I will meet anyone half way up to 200 miles to preclude shipping. If shipping is required, buyer will have to pay for shipping. I will not bust up the items for this price ($1250) if you buy, you get it all. I am trying to liquidate to alleviate latter problem for my wife. If interested, either PM me, or email ( davebaker@united.net ) Pictures are posted on the CarveWright FaceBook page These items have all been sold. Thanks to all that contacted me. I would take the post down, but I haven't got a clue how or if I even have permission. Sold--SOLD