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    I am doing a pierced carving of a pattern and want to clean up the edges after it has completed the carve part. When I setup the cut path, how should I set the offset from the original carving. Should I tell it to flip the cutout or leave it as is? Also, I have setup some manual tabs and do not want to loose them. Should I use hot glue to hold down my carve to my waste board so as not to worry about the tabs? Basically, I am wanting to reduce the cleanup time on the edges of the carved project that the carving bit leaves. For some reason, I find it hard to get all of the marks out and still keep the project looking good. I figured a cut path could help remove most of these marks.

    I am attaching the project I am wanting to use this on but it will also be for future projects as I like using the pierced carving over trying to cut path through the entire thickness of the wood after the carve is completed.

    I hope I explained this properly.


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    The cut path tool will over ride (cut through) any manual tabs that are placed. You can give the hot glue a try at your own risk. I use diamond tipped burr tools for a lot of my edge clean ups.
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    In other words pierced and cut out are mutually - you can do on or the other , but not both.
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