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Thread: Understanding the Power Supply

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    Default Understanding the Power Supply

    I found an interesting video of the troubleshooting of a power supply very similar to the CW. This power supply runs on 220 Volts AC because of his country location.

    He stresses that working on this power supply can be very dangerous as is OUR power supply running on line voltage of 115 volts AC.

    We have seen LHR has moved to an enclosed power supply for a much safer machine.

    Primarily we have only seen the L2 Coil snap off and if you look close to his schematic and the picture I posted you can see the L2 Coil in the circuit upper edge on the 5 volt line.

    This is just for the curious about how power supplies work.

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    Interesting that this is a Commodore power supply. My first computer was a Commodore 64, then a 128, then an Amiga. A very long time ago.
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    That takes me back! I started with a Radioshack TRS80 and then went to an Amiga too. There was 12 of us in an Amiga users group
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