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Thread: CarveWright (CW)-Vacuum Head materials

  1. Default CarveWright (CW)-Vacuum Head materials

    I purchased the CarveWright (CW)-Vacuum Head project from CW.

    Has anyone actually built this?

    If so, can you suggest sources for:

    • 4 Dust Extraction Fitting
    • Flat board or Furniture Grade Plywood 8 x 43 x .5 thick.

    I will be just using a shop vac so the 4" Dust Extraction fitting seems too large, but I can make it work.

    Any suggestions or advice is welcome.

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    Rockler or WoodCraft should have the 4" fitting.

    You can get plywood at Home Depot or Lowes. They do sell 2'x4" project pieces.

    I highly recommend NOT using a shop vac for dust collection purposes. Most are not built to run for long times plus the do not have the air flow required for good dust collection. If you do not have a large shop there are small dust collectors that will do a much better job.
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    I just carved fletchers dust collector from here on the forum and can personally tell you that using a 6.5 horse shop vac did not even attempt to work but it did work very well with a 4" dust collector.
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