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    Hi All

    I am trying to learn the decorate with text, I have the text in the general area but I don't know how to get it to curve so it fits in the pattern where I placed it. If any one can give me some pointers on what I might be doing wrong, I would greatly appreciate it. I am really trying to learn the tools that I have. Have a great weekend.

    Thank you


    sorry I didn't attach mpc right, I can not get the mpc to load right??
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    Hi Lori,

    I am glad that worked You may want to get a better video card when you have a chance, as those features are useful 2-4 megs of memory would probably do you well.

    I don't have your font, so I picked something that could demonstrate. Turn off Italics when you are working on a curve, it just gets weird in most cases:

    1) Create your path along the edge you want to mimic, then add the text. Then tweek the path to make it look good in the space. In my example the date may be too big.
    2/3) I put the path along the inside of the heart curve, as that is the shape I want. Then move the path closer to the center of the space. You will also see that I added some spaces in front of the L in the text box to make it move further along the path.
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    Hi Diane,

    Thank you for your help, I change my font and followed what you did. I will post the finish product. Have a great Day


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    Hi Diane

    I finally finished so I am posting what I have done and would like your input on if you think this will carve all right? I really appreciate your time that you take to help me, and it is very much appreciated from someone who is really trying. Have a great weekend.

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    I would make a couple of changes.

    You used straight line segments for your path, which I think is less pleasing, and you have the tops of the letters E and L colliding:

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Name:	eagle 1.PNG 
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    I suggest using splines to smooth out the letter placement. There are two things you can do to keep the letters from colliding. One is to check the box Glyph Mode Warp to Fit, which will distort the letters to keep them separated:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	eagle 2.PNG 
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    If you don't like the distortion, uncheck that box. Highlight the letters that are colliding, and increase the separation between those letters:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	eagle 3.PNG 
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    Don't forget to add some draft to the text.

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