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Thread: Z Axis Stall Err E06-0324

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    Default Z Axis Stall Err E06-0324

    Need some assistance. I was trying to do a carve yesterday but was getting the error above. Here is the setup I had:

    I use a 3/4" think piece of plywood for my sled/jig board. I have equal sets of offsetting blocks at each end to cover my 7"rule. The board I was trying to carve is 1/2" MDF. It would go through OK until it tried to find the board thickness then it would give me the error. I went to another project same setup bu 3/4" pine. When it goes to check the board thickness, it goes to the far side and drops the bit down to the sled board and then after a few tries, it asks me if the glide plate is set. I say yes and then I am able to enter the thickness manually. I also did a piece of 1/2" pine a few weeks ago and had no problems there either.

    I am attaching pictures so as you have a better idea as to what I am talking about. Any assistance in getting this to carve would be appreciated. I am thinking it has to do with the MDF but wonder is there anything I can do to get past that.


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    I assume you get the z stall when the bit hits your sled while trying to bob beside the board. The machine does different things depending on the board thickness and the carving depth of the project. If the carving-cutting depth of the project is 1/2" or less, it does not bother try to find the board thickness at all. If the carving depth is more than 1/2", the machine will try and measure the board thickness. After the bob at the keypad side, it knows about where to expect the sliding plate to be when it bobs for it. It needs, however, to first bob deep beside the board. This is when it hits your sled and stalls.

    Your sled design will only work for either projects which cut 1/2" or less or for boards which are thick enough that the bit cannot reach your sled.

    (This is the reason for the hole in the side rail of my universal carrier base.)

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    Makes sense. MDF 1/2" is slightly smaller then the 1/2 pine I used. I will try and place something under my board and see if it make a difference.


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