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Thread: Bit plate not coming out but trying to

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    Default Bit plate not coming out but trying to

    New machine..less than 10 hours on it. Has been working fine. Tonight the bit plate won't come out although I hear it and I think it coming out slighltly...suspect I have sawdust so blew it out as best I could and vacumed but still not working. How do you get to the bit plate to lubricate it? or inspect it to make sure a piece of sawdust isn't stuck somewhere?

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    OK I blew the plate mechanism out again and sprayed a little WD 40 and made sure the cover plate wires were tight and it still won't come out. It makes a noise like it's trying to come out after the bit passes down past it...but then the bit goes back to the center and says load the same I know it's not working. Help!!

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    Not sure what you mean by cover plate wires but usually the problem is the cut motor wires are not tucked away in the corner properly. I would check that. You can also turn power off and manually move the truck assembly all the way over to the far side and see if you tell what is preventing the bit plate from coming all the way out.

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    I believe I know exactly what you are referring to. I got mine July last year and it started having similar problems. I had to take it in for some other warranty repair and they found that something was out ot round or something like that and they fixed it while they had it. Have not had an issue since with the bit plate not coming out to check the bits.

    I would call the support line and talk to them about it. I wish I could remember what they said they replaced but cannot at this time.


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    With the power off, move the truck all the way to the right, feeling to see any resistance the the movement, move the truck until it moves the bit plate out to the correct position. If it works, check thr right back corner to see if the “Y” motor I’d not hitting the cut motor wires. Next reach in and pop the bit plate by hand a couple of times, to see if there is any dust in the little spring.
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    The wiring for the right cover switch travels down the inside right corner of the machine. It's difficult to see even with a flashlite. The Y motor housing hits the wiring and limits the travel. There is very little extra clearance. My solution always starts a s**t storm here on the forum by those who think the only solutions are "by the book" so PM me if you would like to know how I permanently solved the problem.
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    Rather than removing the right side cut motor safety switch wires making for a dangerous situation, you can just be sure that the wires are tucked into the back corner of the machine. Hundreds of us do it every time we remove the top black cover and put the machine back together. What is happening is the back of "Z" Motor on the "Y" Truck is hitting the wires preventing the "Y" truck from pushing out the bit flag. Bypassing the Cut Motor Safety Switch can be very dangerous because it is controlled by the Electronics on the X Termination Board. KNOWN failures to the X Termination Board have turned on the Cut Motor when it should not be running. The Right Side Cut Motor Safety Switch is a fail safe to prevent the Motor from starting. You cannot compare a Table Saw Mechanical Switch to a X Termination board. This Broken C1 Capacitor on the X Termination Board WILL cause the Cut Motor to turn ON. If you have bypassed the Cut Motor Safety Switch and you are changing a bit.. not good.
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    Not sure if this will help but when I bought a used machine several years ago the previous owner had taken some duct tape rolled a little up, then folded it in half and put it behind the touch plate to help push it out when needed. It's been working for me.

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