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Thread: Need help with outlining pattern

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    Default Need help with outlining pattern

    I am trying to get the machine to cut out this oval rope when it's finished carving so I don't have to cut the plaque out with my band saw...but when I select outline pattern it outlines both the inside and the outside of the rope. And then when I click on "cut path" it looks like I would be cutting the rope oval off my plaque which I don't want to do. I tried deleting all but the outside but can't seem to get the cut just on the outside. Any help would be appreciated. Attached is the mpc

    david and beth.mpc

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    If I am thinking right you should be able to use the mouse after outlining and deselect the area or areas you don't want.

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    It worked ok for me. I just deleted the inside outlines. It may be easier to do from the carving list.

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    thanks...I will try deleting the inside outlines again...when I did they disappeared but when I turned the board over I saw two outlines on the back which shouldn't have been there.

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    thanks that worked like a charm...don't know what I was doing wrong before but that's what is so nice about this if somebody would help explain what does "edit envelope" do....every time I have clicked on it I got in trouble....and couldn't find a graceful way out. If you say cancel you lose everything...if you save save it replaces whatever you were working on...I want to just put a piece of tape on my computer and say don't ever click on edit envelope again

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