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    I finally reached the 200 hour mark on my machine on Thursday. I am going out to do Maintenance on it this morning.. I took the maintenance schedule CW came up with and put it into Excel and printed so as I can check off each item as I go and do not forget anything.

    Anyone have any suggestion as to anything else I should check while performing these maintenance steps. Also, awhile back when my control panel went bad. I removed it and installed the one from my old A machine. I now have 2 wavy washer, one from each machine. I asked Chris at LHR and he said there were 2 places they could go and one was in the crank handle. I did not dis-assemble the handle, so where is the other location for where this washer goes?



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    Hi Chris,

    Please post a photo of the washers. Maybe we can identify them after seeing the photo.
    Michael T
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    Thanks Michael, I will have to find where I put them. I has been awhile since I found them and am not sure where I put them. The CW runs no problem without it but as soon as I do, I will post a pic.

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    Question. In the 100 hour scheduled maintenance, the schedule states to clean the X-Drive gears. How many go to the trouble of opening the X-Drive assembly area when it will most likely need replaced at around the 400 hr mark. give or take. Also, is it that important to clean. Removing the panel and then trying to get it re-sealed, though looks simple enough, is not as easy as it may look.

    Also, I created a spreadsheet with the Scheduled Maintenance listed so as I can have it with me when I am doing maintenance and keep track of what I have completed. I then move it to the spreadsheet itself for future reference. I am adding a link to download it just in case anyone here might have a need for it. I remember David stating at the conference that it is best to keep a good log of all issues and maintenance. You can change it to fit you needs. If you notice anything that can be added or changed that will make it easier, let me know so as I can see if it helps myself and anyone else who may decide to use it.

    Check next couple of post for download link.


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    Let me know if the link does not work properly.

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    To clean the X drive gears you just need to remove the plastic cover over the gear assembly. I only clean them if they have any saw dust build up and most of the time they do not as I seal around the edges of the cover with caulking and I use a dust collection attachment to eliminate dust build up in the machine.
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    I have 1200 cut motor hours on my machine. I replaced the X gear assembly at maybe 300 hours because teeth got stripped - not sure how that happened. I have had no issues with the x drive since and have not opened the x drive for any reason including cleaning. Dust collection is your friend. Personally I don't see the need to open the x drive for inspection or cleaning, but I could be proved wrong.

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